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Published Websites

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These are a few of the pages that I have submitted to search engines and some published site ideas I have for the future.

Published Sites
KADs World of Products ( - This is the business that my husband and I are running. Note: This business has closed and the site will be removed soon.
My Nelson Fan Page ( - A fan page of my favorite band, Nelson. I have recently had the chance to meet them in person for the first time and was inspired to create a fan page to show off my pictures and stuff. It has been aproved by the Nelson's Street Team Leader and has been placed on the Official Nelson Site under the Links section.
Dimig's House of Animals ( - (not yet published, but in the making) A site containing pictures of all of our various animals. Will also contain stories about the animals and caresheets.
Web Page of Bryan and Kimberly Dimig ( - This is a site that my husband built that contains a lot of information and pictures of us as a couple. It includes how we met, what our wedding was like, etc.
Hot LongHairs ( - A Site For and About Long Haired Men and the Women who love 'em. My first majorly successful site. It's only been open for a few months and has already has an average of 21 viewers a day and has even made me a little bit of money. I'm very excited about it's success.

Ideas For The Future
Kimberly's Crafts - Another business idea.