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Photo Album

This is my photo album of myself and some of my friends. I'll probably later include other pictures such as my animals and my plants later on. You can click on the images to see their full size.

Please do not attempt to steal or copy my pictures. If you really like my pictures, ask me and I will think about maybe sending you one (if they are mine). If they are my friends pictures, ask me and I'll ask my friends.

This is me, Kimberly

These are some of my friends.

Glen - A friend from college.

Wayne - A friend I've known since highschool.

Blake - is really an online friend, but I've known him for over 5 years and have actually met him in person once, so I consider him a regular friend.

These are some of my online friends.

Dan - This picture was taken like 20 years ago.

Dan Again - This is pretty much what he looks like now. Well, not exactly. LOL

Albert - This is the picture he has posted on hotornot.

Albert Again - I liked this pic of him as well.

Bill - This is the picture he has posted on hotornot.

Bill Again - A picture he took just for me cause the first wasn't so good.