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Photo Album

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This is my photo album. It currently contains photos of myself, my family, and some of my friends. I'll probably later include other pictures such as my plants and animals. You can click on the images to see their full size.

Please do not attempt to steal or copy my pictures. If you really like my pictures, ask me and I will think about maybe sending you one (if they are mine). If they are my friends pictures, ask me and I'll ask my friends.

I'd like to thank Albert for all of his help and advice on this page.

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Wedding Favorites
Our Animals
My Friends

This is me, Kimberly
This is my husband, Bryan.
These are some of my wedding/renewal favorites.

This picture was taken the day we were engaged.

This picture was taken at our actual wedding in South Lake Tahoe.

The "girls" - Me (Bride), my daughter, Amanda (Flower Girl), my best friend, Danielle (Maid of Honor) - right after we finished getting ready for the ceremony.

This is the first picture taken of the happy couple after the ceremony.

The wedding party - Danielle (Maid of Honor), me (Bride), Bryan (Groom), and Bob (Best Man) - on the dock getting ready to get on the reception boat.

Amanda and I

The toast

Me and my friends - Vada (since tenth grade), Myself, and Danielle (since 6th Grade). Danielle and Vada knew each other in Junior Highschool. They had not seen each other since until that day.
This is our daughter, Amanda.

Amanda - cooking us dinner (Tuna Salad).

Amanda and her cat, Cinder

Amanda and her Grandpa. Grandpa, who is a truck driver, was teaching Amanda how to properly back up a truck.

Amanda and her giant unicorn at her 5th birthday party.

Amanda and her cousins, Benny and Kayla, getting ready to blow out candles.

Amanda and cousins again with cake

Amanda and Benny licking the candles

Benny, Amanda, and Kayla

Amanda helping her great grandma blow out the candles at Grandma's surprise 80th birthday party.

Amanda and I trying to build a snowman

Amanda and her cousin, Benny with Santa Clause.

Amanda and all 6 of her cousins with Santa Clause. Top - Kayla and Kevin. Left to Right - Jeffery, Benny, Amanda, Paul, and Madison.
Our Animals (all these pictures are pretty old.)

Blinky, one of our cats, when she was a kitten.

Rachel, another one of our cats, when she was a kitten.

Jerry Lee, our dog.

Squeeky (Blue) and KC (King Crimson), our rats. Unfortunately, KC passed away on 9/5/02 from old age.

Gopher, our gopher snake.

Rosie, our tarantula.

Salamander Thing, our salamander thing or water dog.

Our turtles and bass. We only have one turtle now, and we no longer have the bass.

Opal, one of our betas.

Our tropical fish. This picture is outdated. Some of the fish in the tank have changed.
These are some of my friends.

Glen - A friend from college.

Wayne - A friend I've known since highschool.

Blake - is really an online friend, but I've known him for over 5 years and have actually met him in person once, so I consider him a regular friend.
These are some of my online friends.

Albert - This is the picture he has posted on hotornot.

Albert Again - I liked this pic of him as well.

Bill - This is the picture he has posted on hotornot.

Bill Again - A picture he took just for me cause the first wasn't so good.

Dan - This picture was taken like 20 years ago.

Dan Again - This is pretty much what he looks like now. Well, not exactly. LOL

This is Joel

An example of Joel's photography art. If you'd like to see more, visit his website at

This is Tim.

Tim again.

This is Tyler

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