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About My Nelson Fan Page
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Gunnar, Me, and Matthew

This is a fan page about my favorite band, Nelson. I decided to create this fan page after meeting Matthew and Gunnar at the Asparagas Festival in Stockton on April 26, 2003. It was my biggest dream come true. I used to idolize these guys when I was a teenager. I always thought that it was great how their lyrics always inspired peace and happiness in a world full of hate. And to this day, their lyrics still have that same inspiration and have inspired people all over the world.

This site contains photos that I have taken at their concerts in both Stockton and Chico as well as pictures my autographed albums in the photos section. It also contains correspondence that I have shared with the twins since the concert and their replys in the Correspondence section. And the last section is about the Nelson Street Team which is an organization that people can join to help promote the twins.

Below is what some people have said about this site, including Matthew and Gunnar themselves!

"AWESOME site, Kimberly! I will definitely have it added to the guys' site...on the links page. I will also share the site with Matthew and Gunnar. I know they would love to see it. Great job!!"--Tami Matlaf (NST Director)

"Tami did share your fan site and may I say that it is very cool. I believe link is going to be added to our site. Thanks for taking the time to create it. It is mighty fine."--Gunnar Nelson

"That is an awesome site, Kimberly. Too Cool!"--Matthew Nelson