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The Street Team
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The NST (Nelson Street Team) is a wonderful group of people, who are all working toward the same goal to promote Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, their music and all that they stand for. This is done through flyering in the community, writing or sending email to radio and tv stations, etc. The NST is also dedicated to making a difference in the world. Matthew and Gunnar are involved in and participate in many charity organizations and events such as cancer walks, handing out stockings to kids at Christmas, and much, much, much more. The NST also participates in these events. You can learn more about the NST by clicking the NST link at the top of this page.

If you decide to join the NST after viewing my fan site, please list me (Kimberly Dimig) as a reference. Thanks!

NST Team Motto
"Our team motto is 'Dedicated to Making a Difference'. We want to accomplish that not only by getting the word out about Matthew and Gunnar, but also by working as a team to help out in our various communities. Our goal is to introduce (or re-introduce in some cases) new people to Matthew and Gunnar's wonderful music. We want to help promote the guys in every positive way we can so that others can experience their shows and hear their music - or even meet new friends who share in similar interests."

Things I have done...

6/16/03 - Completed this fan site.
"AWESOME site, Kimberly! I will definitely have it added to the guys' site...on the links page. I will also share the site with Matthew and Gunnar. I know they would love to see it. Great job!!"--Tami Matlaf (NST Director)

"Tami did share your fan site and may I say that it is very cool. I believe link is going to be added to our site. Thanks for taking the time to create it. It is mighty fine."--Gunnar Nelson

"That is an awesome site, Kimberly. Too Cool!"--Matthew Nelson

8/4/03 - This site has been added to Nelson's Link's Page!!!

7/17/03 - Wrote a letter to the Shawn and Jeff at the Zone requesting Nelson as guests on their show. After sending it, Tami wrote me letting me know I had some of the wrong info in it, so I wrote them back again with the correction, then they replied to thank me.
Radio Show Request Letter
Tami's Letter
Corrected Info
Their Reply / Thank You

7/28/03 - Wrote a letter requesting to hear Nelson music during Shawn and Jeff's morning show on the Zone.
Music Request Letter
Their Reply
My Reply Back