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Nelson Photos
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I had a chance to see Nelson at Great America (San Jose, CA) when they were on tour for "After the Rain" in 1990 or so. Recently, I had the privilege of seeing them in concert again in my hometown of Stockton, CA. This time, my biggest dream came true when I got the chance to finally meet them.

You can click on the image for a bigger picture

Asparagus Festival (Stockton, CA)

Since then, I also got the chance to see them and meet them again in Chico, CA. In Chico, I had to sit further back and it was dark so the pictures didn't turn out as well. Sorry about that!

Silver Dollar Fair (Chico, CA)

Here it is about a year later and I got to see Nelson at the Rhythm and Ribs even at Raley Feild in Sacramento. Below are some of the pictures taken from that event. More are coming soon!

Rhythm and Ribs (Sacramento, CA)

Amanda, before and during the concert

The Concert

Signing autographs and taking pictures after the concert


Picture taken and signed in Stockton, CA

Signed in Stockton, CA

Signed in Chico, CA

Signed in Chico, CA

Signed in Chico, CA


This is the result of a picture I edited. I thought it turned out pretty cute. The original is the first pic of just me, Matt, and Gunnar under the Silver Dollar Fair (Chico, CA) heading above.

Gunnar's Evil Side Shining Through? Just Kidding! I don't think Gunnar has an evil side.
This picture was actually how one of the original pictures in the Sac Concert turned out, but due to a remarkable red-eye editing program, we were able to fix the "flaw". I thought the original was pretty funny though, so I thought I'd share it.