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Yvette Nelson

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Full Name at birth: Yvette Stefens
Date of Birth: August 19, 1973
Birth Place: Massepequa, Long Island, New York
Occupation: Model / Musician / Actress
Other Information: Yvette was born the second daughter of immigrant parents (her father is German, her mother is Armenian). She grew up in a loving and encouraging family. Her parents were and still are her main source of inspiration and instilled in her the American dream - that in America - with luck, hard work, and perseverance - anything is possible!

Music filled Yvette's house constantly. She fell in love with singing at church and formed her first "band" with her older sister and some neighborhood friends at the age of eight singing house to house for candy. Dreams of a life as an entertainer filled her every thought as she practiced constantly. Yvette used to tell anyone who would listen that one day she'd be a star.

At the age of sixteen her father's work moved the family to California. While shopping with her mother after an acting class, Yvette was "discovered" at a local mall by an agent from the famous Wiliamina modeling agency. This began a whirlwind career as a fashion model. She got her first taste of fame on the covers and in the pages of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, etc. She has been in and music video roles for David Lee Roth, Winger, Nelson and Donny Osmond and she has had roles in dozens of films such as the upcoming John Travolta, Halle Berry film "Sword fish". Some of her highlights were a major Maybelline Makeup Campaign, and of course Frederick's of Hollywood. Yvette specializes in lingerie and swimwear because of her fabulous figure and as a result has worked with pretty much every major lingerie and swimwear company. She was even asked to pose for Playboy as a playmate and turned it down. Believing her future as an entertainer might suffer. Yvette also has worked with dozens of companies on their national and regional commercial campaigns, including Mc Donalds, Burger King, Pringles, Mountain Dew, Jordache, Taco bell, kelloggs, Nivea, Redken, Miller Beer, Bud, Tecate, West Cigarettes, Nike, Orangeina to name a few. She also been featured in over 100 calendars and posters.

But the fame and recognition she worked so hard for proved to be an empty thing and a day came that Yvette asked God for guidance and came to terms with what was true passion, her reason to be here - and that was her music. She recommitted herself to singing, bought a guitar, doubled up on the lessons and headed to Nashville to make her dreams of country music stardom finally a reality.

Nashville and her second home of West Meade have been very kind to Yvette. She feels Nashville is a whole lot like her small town childhood digs of Massapequa. "Everybody knows everybody here and that's the way I like it" she says. "My family is still the most important thing I've got in this world, so I split my time in Nashville and my time in California to be with them."

Yvette has been spending all her time recently in Nashville and Los Angeles recording, playing live with her band and on the never-ending quest for the perfect song and her "shot". Writers who have befriended Yvette and given her songs include Gary Burr (She Can't Really Be Gone, On the Side of Angels, etc.), Victoria Shaw (The River, I Love The Way You Love Me, etc.) and Steven McClintock (All This Time, Until Tonight). Her debut CD "All for the sake of love" ties together her love of contemporary country music and her California roots and has been hailed by critics and fans the world over. It will soon be released in Europe on RMG records with a plan of future worldwide release and a fall/Winter European tour. Her voice is fresh yet soulful, powerful yet endearing, natural and unique. Her stunning visual appeal is merely a mirror of the beautiful heart within. She simply has a burning desire to give to the world one song and one person at a time. If her latest live performances and her latest recordings are any indications - things are movin' forward and lookin' up for Yvette Nelson - and, like it does for all singing stars, it's all coming back around again to the music...

Yeah, it's true, Life is one big circle. At least it is for Yvette Nelson.

Yvette was married to singer, Matthew Nelson, on July, 14 1995. They make a very cute couple. To view some pictures of them together, visit her personal photo album and the contributed photos section of her webpage,

Also, Yvette greatly loves animals and contributes to many non-profit organizations dedicated to helping animals all over the world, and she adores her two dogs, Cheyenne and Lyric.

Most of the above information came from the biographies I found on both of Yvette Nelson's Official Sites, and


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