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Sam Nelson

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Full Name at birth: Sam Hilliard Nelson
Date of Birth: August 29, 1974
Birth Place:
Occupation: Musician
Other Information: Sam Nelson is a very talented musician. He is lead singer in his band H is Orange. Sam also can play bass, guitar, keyboards, and drums. He also writes all his own music.

Sam's H is Orange project intially began around the year 1995. He was living and studying in spain at the time and was conteplating the direction his life was going in. It became increasingly clear to him that music had been the only thing that he has ever felt consistently passionate about. It was at that point that he decided to seriously pursue music in anyway possible. He immediately began writing songs and playing guitar and before long, he had completed an entire LP's worth of material, but, unfortunately, because he had to be in Europe for another seven months, he couldn't begin recording until he returned to the US.

Upon arriving back to the US, Sam accumulated as much equipment as he could. In order to remain as self contained and free from external influences as possible, he focused all his energy into sample based keyboards and sequencing. During this period, he was considered somewhat of a hermit in that he hid himself away and forced himself to learn instruments until he was proficient.

Essentially, The H is Orange Project is him and the sum total of all his creative energy from that time consolidated into one neat little package. Most importantly, the experience has presented him with a clear cut picture of who he is and where he needs to be.

Sam has released two albums. His 2000 solo project, "Telepathetic", and "Be Silent and Know E/P" with his band, H is Orange.

Sam enjoys anything that involves creating, such as, writing, painting, and drawing. He also enjoys traveling.

Most of the above information came from an interview I found on Sam Nelson's Unofficial Fan website. For the complete interview go to

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