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Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 11:09:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Kimberly Dimig"
Subject: Met ya at the Silver Dollar Fair in Chico

Hey Guys,

I know it's been a while since you've been in Chico, and you probably don't remember who I am, but I really wanted to share my adventure to your concert with you and I've been too busy with school and stuff and haven't the time to write to you.

First of all, who I am, in case you forgot. You first met me in Stockton and I had you autograph that really cool drawing of the "N" and the feather. When I met you in Chico, I gave you your own copy of that drawing for you to keep and do as you please with. I was wondering what you did do with it? My daughter also gave you guys a drawing. She was the little girl with the wings.

Anyway it was quite an adventure getting to your concert. I guess it started with getting ready for it. The plan was for me to pick up my daughter from school and my husband from work, then go directly to Chico from there. I needed to make and pack our lunches, pack our clothes (in case it got cold), cd's, camera, etc. I also still needed to draw your copy of the N and feather, and look up the directions to the fair, and only had about an hour or so to do it all in.

I wound up leaving the house (Rancho Cordova) at 6pm when I was supposed to be at my husbands work (Folsom) at 6pm, so I was running extremely late. I went and got my daughter and if I remember correctly, I couldn't find her class right away because they were out on the playground. So I finally found her and got her in the car then took off for Folsom. I was zooming down the freeway in the carpool lane at like 80 mph yelling about how slow everyone was going, and then I saw the reason why everyone was going that slow. There was a highway patrol officer on the right side of the road. I quickly tapped my breaks a little to slow down before actually reaching him. I think I got slowed down to about 73 when I passed him. Then I started merging back into traffic hoping that he wouldn't see me. But unfortunately, I saw him coming up the carpool lane on my left then he got behind me and hit his lights. I cursed at myself and started merging to the right to get off onto the shoulder. It's one of those situations where, "If it can go wrong, it will go wrong." Always when I'm in a hurry to be somewhere.

Luckily, the only thing that he pulled me over for was because he thought that I was traveling in the carpool lane by myself because he didn't see my daughter in the car. So I got off pretty lucky. But he still wanted to see my drivers license, which I didn't have on me, as well as proof of insurance and registration. I just emptied the contents of the glove compartment onto the passenger seat and told him that the registration and insurance was in there somewhere. He found the information he needed and then asked me my birthdate so that he can look up my license. Like 10 minutes later, I was finally on my way again, but before I left, I looked up to see the sign that said, "Folsom Blvd., 1 mile." One more mile I could have probably avoided that whole scene. Anyway, I think I wound up in Folsom at about 6:20pm or so.

To make matters worse, I realized that I had forgotten to get the directions, and we had to go back to the house. And, of course, the printer needs to act up as I'm trying to print. I finally got everything working and wound up leaving the house at a little over an hour later then I had originally planned. And of course, even though we had the directions, we still got lost and were spinning U-turns a few times. I think the main hang up was the fact that instead of going straight down the 99, mapquest had us going some funky route down like the 70 through Marysville or something. Then we had a hard time getting back on the 99. We thought we were on the 99 but we didn't see the exit that was supposed to be in like 0. something miles. After going about 5 miles, we decided that we messed up somewhere and flipped a U-turn and went back the other way, then retraced our steps and figured out we actually did go the right way. So we pull over to look at the directions again, and it turns out that my husband read it wrong. It was 8. something miles, not 0. something miles. So I through up my hands in frustration and went flying down the 99 again, this time being careful not to speed too much for fear of running into highway patrol again. We finally arrived at the fair at about 9:14pm and quickly asked where the main stage was and went running to it.

So we missed about the first 20 minutes of the show I think. But you guys played 20 minutes over, so we still got to see a full hour's worth, including 'Just Once More' which I really, really wanted to see. I just really enjoyed watching you put all your energy into that song, Gunnar. It looks like you really enjoy peforming it. I hear that you miss being out front with your brother and there are talks of you possibly bringing Bobby Rock back on drums. I sincerely hope this works out, cause your fans miss you out front as well.

Anyway, since the show, I have joined the Nelson Street Team and have started my service as a member by creating a fan site for you guys. The site is . I have been talking to Tami about the site, and she seems to be really impressed with it and wants it on your site under the links. One thing I thought about adding to it was your family tree, starting with your grandparents, on both sides of the family and going down through you and include your uncles, siblings, nieces, and nephews, etc. It would include information such as origin, birthdate, occupation, and maybe a little bit of info about some major accomplishments or something of other importants that they may have done. I haven't talked to Tami about this yet, because so far it is just an idea. I guess I kinda wanted your opinion on it first. I also have some ideas of contacting some radio stations to try to hear more of you on the radio again. So far, these are just ideas that I'm starting to do some research on, but I hope to have them in the making real soon.

Hope to hear from you soon!