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Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 10:48:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Kimberly Dimig"
Subject: Re: Met ya at the Asparagas Festival in Stockton
To: "Gunnar Nelson"


Thanks so much for taking the time and writing me back. I just can't tell you how much that means to me. Honestly, I wasn't really expecting anything back, but I'm so glad that you did write back because now I know that you got and read my letter. That's truly an honor.

I don't really know of any other band/musician that associates with their fans the way you guys do. It makes you guys really special. My dad was even bragging about how you take the time with each fan after your shows and this is what my husband wrote about it after I told him you responded to my email: "these guys are kind of special, in the way that they treat their fans, aren't they? I respect that, even if I'm not a fan of their music." His favorite band is Offspring, so good luck converting him into a fan. However, he did enjoy your concert at the Asparagas festival, so who knows? I guess anything's possible.

I'm really glad that you liked my drawing, because I've been thinking about drawing you your own version/copy of it and on the back, quoting what you said about it in the video, that inspired the drawing. And you can use it in your Living Bio, frame it and put it on your wall, or do whatever you wish with it. I'll present it to you in Chico if we are able to go. That's still kind of up in the air right now, but I'll let you know for sure if we are going to make it or not. I really hope so, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys again. You're AWESOME!!

Take care!