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After meeting Matthew and Gunnar in Stockton, I realized there was still so much that I wanted to tell them about growing up with their music that I didn't get a chance to say, so I sent them an email, and Gunnar replied!

Following is links to the correspondence that I've shared with the twins:

First letter about the Asparagas Festival
Gunnar's reply!
My reply to Gunnar's letter

After I wrote back to Gunnar, I recieved a number of pictures from a friend of mine or his artwork that filled up my email box. I was really concerned that I might have missed any reply that Gunnar might have sent, so I wrote him another letter, and he answered it. Then I answered his.

Third letter
Gunnar's reply!
My reply to Gunnar's letter

I also wrote another letter to the two of them (Matthew and Gunnar) regarding their new album that is to be released. But, unfortunately, I haven't recieved a reply on that one. But here it is:

Letter regarding album

I knew it was a little late, but I wanted to write a letter to the twins to tell them about my Chico adventure, because it was quite an adventure. I also wanted to tell them about this site. Gunnar replied! He loved the site! Then I replied to Gunnar's letter.

Chico Adventure
Gunnar's reply!
My reply to Gunnar's letter.

I did something kinda funny and accidently went to the wrong site when I was trying to get to the Nelson website, so I shared it with them.

Something Funny

After the Chico concert, I had looked at the pictures that we took there and I wasn't really impressed with them. They didn't turn out as good as I was hoping. I was especially hoping that the pic's with Amanda would turn out, and they turned out the worst. I felt bad about this, because I knew how much Matthew enjoyed seeing Amanda in her angel wings, so I decided to take a picture of Amanda in her wings and sent it to the twins (especially Matthew). Matthew wrote back and told me how much he loved it. Then I wrote back telling him where he could find the original pictures taken at Chico on this site, and he wrote back telling me how he thought the site was really cool. Then I wrote him back reguarding the letter that I had previously written about their album, but I still haven't gotten a response on this. :(

My letter and picture of Amanda.
Matthew's reply!
My reply to Matthew's letter, telling him about this site.
Matthew's reply!
My reply to Matthew's letter, reguarding previously written album letter.