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Welcome to my Web Page

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This is my personal page. It contains information about me in the "About Me" section. It also includes an Online Journal of events happening in my life, as well as my Online Journal Archieve of my old Journal, a Photo Album containing pictures of myself, family, friends, pets, and more, and a links page of all the different sites that I like to visit. Also, the "Published Websites" section contains links to other websites that I have created, including an online business, and website about my pets.

This site has recently been completely redone. In the past year or so, things in my life had changed quite a bit, my interests have changed a little, and I've learned a lot more HTML since the last site was made, so it had to be redone.

What's New

If you want to know what's been going on in my personal life, visit my journal. If you want to know what's new on the website, see below.

Near Future-I probably will add the Journal to the menu bar and move the Published Websites to the Links section and change "Archieved Pages" to "Other Pages."

10/11/02-I added the About Me Page, Links Page, and also my archieved Journal To get to the About Me and Links Page click on the links above. To get to the Archieved Journal page, click on Journal and their is a link to the Archieved Journal in there.

10/10/02-I'm finally caught up on my journal. Go ahead and read it if you wish. I also did some work on "Dimig's House of Animals".

10/3/02-Added some more stories to my journal. I'm still way behind on it, but I hope to catch up soon.

10/3/02-I started "Dimig's House of Animals. I actually started it awhile back, I just forgot to add it here. You can see it by clicking on the Published Websites link.

9/11/02-I added some of my pets to the photo album. I hope to add more later. I also hope to start on my actual animal page, "Dimig's House of Animals.

8/20/02-I added the published websites page. Since this is such a small page, I am thinking about maybe combining this page and the cool links page.

8/20/02-I've done major work on the photo album. I added pictures of my husband and my daughter, as well as some of my favorites from my wedding. I've also added a table of contents so that you can go directly to the area of the album you want to see without having to scroll.

8/16/02-I'm adding the menu. I'm going to add the menu today but most of the links won't work because the only page that I have finished so far is the photo album.

8/16/02-The photo album is done enough to be presented. However, it is still far from being completely finished. I would still like to add some pictures of my family (my husband, and my daughter) and I would like to add some pictures of my animals and some of my plants.

8/14/02-I'm getting this page started. I have finished sorting all my old junk in the pages and have started to download some pictures of myself and some of my friends. I'll probably start the site with the photo album and the cool links page. Once again, if you would like your picture and/or your webpage link on my page, let me know.

8/7/02-This site is in the process of being completely redone. I have archived all the old pages and files. Right now those pages probably don't work at all cause everything is in a different directory so I am not permitting access to them at the moment. I might in the future though.

The new site will probably contain directories such as about me (now and history), my online journal, my archived pages, my published websites and website ideas for the future, photo album of my family and friends (if you'd like to be added, let me know), and cool links of websites I like to visit. I don't know how much time I will focus on this site because right now my primary focus is on my business site, KADs World of Products.