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This picture was taken on my wedding day

Name: Kimberly Dimig
Born: April 19, 1977 at Dameron Hospital in Stockton, CA.
Maiden Name: White
Parents and Siblings:
Mother: Mary J. White
Father: George E. White Jr.
Brother: David J. White
Food: Italian
Color: Black, Tourquoise, Magenta, Purple
Car: '87 or '88 Chevy Camero (Metalic Blue)
Music: 80's Rock, 80's Pop, Classic Rock
Bands: Poison, Warrant, Winger, Slaughter, Nelson, Roxette, Journey, Styx, Foreigner, Kansas, Tom Petty, and more.
Other Favorites or Hobbies: Plants, Animals, Drawing, and Crafts. I also like, camping, fishing, rafting, and other outside stuff.
Schools Attended:
Elementary: Hoover (K-3), Hazelton (4 & 5), Taylor (6).
Jr. High: Marshall (7 & 8)
Highschool: Stagg (9- 1/2 of 12)
Continuation: Right Track (Earned GED)
College: San Joaquin Delta (years: 1996-1999), American River College (part of a semester in 1999)
Jobs: Paper Route (11/92-12/92), Wendy's (2/94-6/94), Burger King (1/96-5/96), San Joaquin Delta College Computer Lab (6/97-8/97), OG Packing (5/99-6/99), Petsmart (11/99-1/99), Reserve America (1/00-7/00)
Marital Status: Married on 6/22/99 to Bryan Dimig at Lake Tahoe, CA
Children: One girl, Amanda, age 5.
Current Location: Sacramento, CA (since June of 1999)
Some things I do with my time: housework, taking walks to the park, grocery shopping, and riding my bike. I also enjoy watching TV, fishing and rafting, and when I have the money, I like to go to the movies, eat out, play miniature golf, bowl, play pool, and go on day trips.

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